Whether you like it or not, if you ride BMX, at some point you will need to purchase a helmet. Many skateparks require them, and its a smart move for any rider to wear one, no matter what they’re riding. We did our research and compiled a list of the Top 8 Best BMX Protective Helmets money can buy.

#1 BELL Full Flex Helmet


The Bell Full Flex Helmet takes the cake for being the number one protective helmet on the market. Progression. It usually starts in the streets, and that’s where the new Full Flex was born. Engineered to inspire action sports athletes as they push new limits, it features full-cut style and protection with cutting-edge technologies—all packaged in a style that’s both modern and classic. The resilient EPP liner was specifically engineered for action sports, where crashes just happen. And the combination of two innovative technologies— FormFit and Double-Walled Construction—improves fit and protection.

Price: $99.95

#2 S-ONE Lifer Helmet

s-1 lifer

The S1 Lifer Helmet takes second and it is clearly one of the best fitting and safest helmets for BMX on the market. The Lifer Helmet uses a specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam which allows it to protect your head from multiple low force impacts as well as high impacts. The Lifer Helmet is a Certified “multi-impact” helmet and is up to 5x more protective than the soft foam non-certified helmets.  The Lifer helmet is a break through design combining the added safety of a CPSC and ASTM certified helmet with the comfort and fit of a non certified helmet. The S1 Lifer Helmet is the best fitting High impact and Multiple Impact helmet on the market.

Price: $54.95

#3 BELL Reflex Helmet


Bell seems to be the leader in the industry in and in our countdown, the Bell Reflex Helmet takes third place. Inspired gear for all-day action. Smart, stylish and crazy comfortable, Reflex is at home in the dirt or on the streets. Its resilient EPP liner is made from a material that’s specifically engineered for action sports athletes who are more likely to experience routine crashes. Double-Walled Construction makes the outer shell stiffer and stronger, and the new FormFit technology gives Reflex a more comfortable fit.

Price: $53.95

#4 TSG Kranken Helmet


TSG has been killing the scene recently and everyones been saying many great things about them. They are definitely one of the most protective helmets in BMX and deservingly makes the cut at number four. The Skate/BMX helmet was launched back in 1998, and is an absolute classic that served as a template for many others to follow. This regular shaped half-shell lid became famous in 1999 when it protected skateboard legend Tony Hawk from a serious injury while attempting a full loop. The TSG Kranken helmet is a wise choice if your looking for one of the best protection for your skull.

Price: $54.95

#5 TRIPLE 8 Brainsaver Helmet

triple 8 brain saver

Based on many reviews from the BMX scene, the Triple 8 Brainsaver helmet takes fifth place. Dual Certified: Complies with U.S. CPSC Bike and ASTM Skate safety standards. ABS Outer Shell with EPS liner. Complete with their renowned Sweatsaver™ Fit Pads for added comfort.

Price: $30.41

#6 PROTEC Bucky Classic Helmet

protec bucky classic

Definitely one of the most popular helmet’s in the BMX scene is the Protec Bucky Classic Helmet. Bucky took the original 1970’s Full-Cut helmet and trimmed the ear covers off to create a helmet with his own style and flair. Only available in HDPE with our 2-Stage premium soft foam liner that everyone loves for the comfort and lightweight feel, you’re sure to find the right fit with four sizes available.

Price: $47.60

#7 FOX Transition Helmet

fox transitionThe Fox Transition Helmet takes seventh but don’t let that fool you. The Transition Hardshell may look like another skate helmet, but its in-mold technology and EPS foam actually make it closer in relation to Fox Racing’s Flux. This means that the Transition is actually lighter than the alternatives, and better suited to mountain biking.

A tough ABS outer and expanded polystyrene core absorb impact and keep your gray matter in the factory case, while 12 vents guide air into and through the Transition for all-day comfort. Fox Racing uses Inset chin straps to anchor the webbing directly into the EPS shell. This improves strength, and further reduces bulk and overall weight. Fox Racing’s Transition Hard Shell Helmet passes CPSC safety standards.

Price: $49.50

#8 PROTEC Classic Full Cut Helmet


The Protec Classic Full Cut Helmet takes eighth place. This is the original 1970’s skate helmet that became the most recognizable helmet of all time. It features Classic eat protection styling, a 2-Stage premium liner, stainless steel hardware, and soft tubular webbing. Bring back the good vibes of the 70’s by rockin the Full-Cut. They even have a Glow in the Dark model that you should definitely check out! For being a full cut helmet with a price of $44.50, you can’t go wrong with this buy. Though keep in mind that this helmet is NOT certified.

Price: $44.50

Do you own one of the helmets on our Top 8 list? Do you own another that isn’t on our list and you think should be?  Let us know in the comments below! Be Safe!

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  1. Taylor Anstrom

    #5 Triple 8 made by Sector is the best helmet I have ever used. It is very light and not too hot to wear. It’s very durable as well. I would highly recommend it to any of my riding homies.

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