Top 8 Best BMX Multi-Tools in 2017-2018

Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.
Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

Top 8 Best BMX Multi-Tools in 2017-2018

What is the Best BMX Multi-Tool?

Owning a BMX multi-tool is essential for all freestyle BMX riders. Whether you like it or not… getting a flat tire & not being able to take off your wheel to fix it sucks. Also… nobody likes lugging around a heavy backpack full of tools when you’re out there riding street. In result, companies within the industry took notice of this & the compact BMX multi-tool was born. Figuring out what is the best BMX multi-tool wasn’t easy since each one of them are different & have more/less to offer than others. Thats why I decided to create this list of the Top 8 best BMX multi-tools on the market.

#8 Merritt Trifecta BMX Multi-Tool

Merrit BMX Trifecta Multi-tool attached to Frame. Is this the Best BMX Multi-Tool?

Trifecta Multi-Tool easily attaches to your seat-tube via velcro straps.

Merrit BMX Trifecta Multi-tool. Is this the Best BMX Multi-Tool?

Weight: 7.4oz | Colors: Black

The Merritt Trifecta BMX multi-tool starts our list off at #10. If you’re a minimalist & like getting by with the bare minimum, this light weight BMX multi-tool might be just what you need. I would recommend this multi-tool to those who don’t like riding with a backpack & want something that will fit in their pocket. If you hate having things in your pocket.. thats cool too. The Trifecta easily attaches to your seat-tube with its versatile adjustable velcro straps. Merritt advertises it, “The Trifecta multi-tool is a simple, pocket size, and inexpensive tool that is perfect for the most common fixes. Includes a 17mm socket, 6mm and 8mm allen keys in an assembled packaged, so there are no parts to lose. Includes velcro straps to attach to frame.” Click Here to watch video demonstration of it in action.

#7 Eclat E-Tool BMX Multi-Tool

Eclat BMX E-Tool Multi-Tool. Is this the Best BMX Multi-Tool?

Features: 8/10mm wrench / 15mm pedal wrench / spoke wrench / 10/19mm U-brake wrench / 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm hex bit / 17mm socket. Weight: 19.10oz Color: Black

Coming in at a respectable #8 is the Eclat E-Tool BMX multi-tool. This multi-tool is fairly small, compact, and has many of the basic necessities for dialing up your bike on the fly. Thought it does have a lot to offer, I think the price of just under $60 is a bit steep. There are better deals further down in theEclat BMX E-Tool Multi-Tool. Is this the Best BMX Multi-Tool?. Click here to watch video demonstration of the E-Tool in action!

Advertised on the Eclat website,”The E-Tool is the Swiss-Army knife for your BMX. All the functions of the tool are hidden inside the anodized tube. Throw it in your bag and make sure you don’t lend it to anyone, as you’ll never get it back!”

#6 Vocal BMX All In One V-Tool Multi-Tool

Vocal BMX V-Tool All In One Multi-Tool. Is this the Best BMX Multi-Tool?

Features: Pedal wrench w/ extra 6mm, 8mm, 10mm hex, tire lever built in to the top, 17mm socket, socket extension to fit inside peg, 8mm, 6mm, 5mm allen keys & 3 size spoke wrench. Can be combined with the V Tool Extension (sold separately)

Vocal BMX V-Tool All In One Multi-Tool Chain-Breaker Extension. Is this the Best BMX Multi-Tool?

Chain-breaker Extension

Taking the #7 spot is the Vocal BMX V-tool multi-tool.The V-tool has everything you need in a BMX multi-tool… well.. sort of. You have to buy the additional V-tool extension if you want a chain-breaker. Furthermore, it seems like it is only available to order from the U.K. (If you live in the U.K. you’re solid) I wasn’t able to find the weight of this tool. By the looks of it, it is probably the heaviest multi-tool on our list.

“The Vocal V tool has every tool you’ll need for on the go bicycle maintenance, contained in one super handy package. Small enough to fit in any bag, durable enough to last. High quality tools that won’t let you down. The V Tool can be combined with the V Tool Extension for even greater bike maintenance possibilities.” – Vocal BMX

#5 Tall Order Pocket Socket BMX Multi-Tool

Tall Order Pocket Socket BMX Multi-Tool. Is this the Best BMX Multi-Tool?

Weight: 4oz

 Tall Order BMX is parts/apparel company started & owned by well known English BMX rider Sebastian Keep. This passionate English BMX rider has had a prominent influence in BMX culture for over a decade now & which is still strongly visible today. Simplistic, versatile, light, compact… the Tall Order Pocket Socket is a popular choice for many. “The new tall order BMX tool features a 6mm & 8mm allen keys, 17mm socket and bar with knurled grip, available in black or chrome.” –Tall Order BMX Oh yeah… Tall Order BMX sells this nifty tool for just under $25 directly through Amazon (Free Shipping in the UK Only) as-well as on their website. If you are looking for something light with just the basics… this is probably the best BMX multi-tool for you.

 #4 Odyssey Travel 8in1 BMX Multi-Tool

Odyssey Travel BMX Multi-Tool. Is this the Best BMX Multi-Tool?#4 on my list is of the newest tools to hit the BMX market; the Odyssey Travel Multi-tool. I’ve always been a fan of Odyssey BMX & have owned plenty of their products. Their goods always seem to weather out the test of time & quality is what you’re buying if you so chose to purchase this multi-tool.

Available on Amazon with FREE shipping!

“Our first multi-tool includes all the key bits to assemble and disassemble your bike on-the-go and retails at $29.99, making it the most affordable compact multi-tool available. Includes a 15mm and 17mm swappable pedal wrench, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm hex wrenches and a 17mm socket with an integrated storage compartment. The Travel Tool is light and easy to carry, but big enough to allow you to actually tighten everything down properly.” – Odyssey BMX

Want to see a video of this tool being used? Click Here

#3 DK Random Wrench V3 BMX Multi-Tool

DK Radnom Wrench V3 BMX Multi-Tool. Is this the Best BMX Multi-Tool?

DK Bicycles was the first company to create a BMX inspired multi-tool with its original DK Random Wrench. DK is now on their new & improved 3rd generation Random Wrench & it’s no surprise to me that it made my top 3 cut. Just barely though. I would’ve like to have seen a chain breaker on this new model. And because it doesn’t have one, 3rd place is where she deserves to be.

Available on Amazon with Free Shipping.

Features: Tire lever, 15mm pedal wrench, 6, 8 & 10mm nut cut-outs, 15 & 17mm deep sockets, 5 & 6mm hex bit drivers, 3/8” extension for pegs, Spoke wrench “stowage” end cap.

#2 Animal Bikes Kotulak BMX Multi-Tool

One of the most popular BMX tools on the market is the Animal Kotulak multi-tool. I have owned this tool in the past, loved it, and so do many of the riders I know. Animal Bikes is a trusted brand in BMX & from experience… I can see the company put a lot of thought into creating the Kotulak. Also, it features more tools than all the other multi-tools (Includes chain-breaker!) I previously stated so it is definitely one of my recommended must-haves. If you’re a fan of Animal, then there isn’t much to think about.

Available on Amazon with Free Shipping.Animal Bikes Kotulak BMX Multi-Tool. Is this the Best BMX Multi-Tool?

“The Kotulak multi-tool provides you with every tool you need when you’re out on the streets. Don’t get caught out there and stay strapped with the Kotulak. Included Tools 15mm Crows Foot Pedal Wrench 3/8″ Swiveling Socket Driver 3/8″ to 1/2″ Extension 17mm Deep Well Socket with 1/2″ Drive Allen Socket with 7/32″, 1/4″, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm Changeable Allen Bits Chain Breaker Spoke Wrench (Brass Nipple) Hammer (Threaded End Cap)”- Animal Bikes

#1 The Shadow Conspiracy BMX All In One Multi-Tool

The Shadow Conspiracy BMX Multi-Tool. Is this the Best BMX Multi-Tool?If you’re the type that doesn’t like to settle for anything other than A-1.. then this is the best BMX multi-tool for you. If you did go through the list, Kudos! Anyways… Here it is! The Shadow Conspiracy BMX All in One multi-tool. This multi-tool offers more than any of the other multi-tools on my list. And no… I didn’t decide it was #1 because of the bottle opener! This is the best multi-tool on the market right now & respectively so.

Available on Amazon with Free Shipping.

“Featuring an investment cast, forged, and CNC steel construction, this package includes just about every tool you need to work on a modern day BMX bike and then some!” –The Shadow Conspiracy

The Shadow Conspiracy BMX Multi-Tool. Is this the Best BMX Multi-Tool?


Do you own one of the multi-tools on our list? If so, how is it holding up for you thus far? Are you thinking about buying a multi-tool? If so, did my list help you out? Let me know in the comment section below! 

My name is JP Davies. 26 years old. From Miami, Florida. Riding freestyle BMX since 2006. Once I realized how passionate I was about BMX, I decided to start my own freestyle BMX inspired blog & apparel company, Kranclife.
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Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.
Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.


  1. Nick

    I have been having a hard time deciding which multi-tool I want to buy. Looking at this list… it made it easy for me to chose. I like having the best so I’m buy the Shadow one! Thanks for this GREAT POST JP!

  2. Brayden Moore

    I have used a lot of these tools and I still think the Dk is my favorite. It has everything you need except a chain breaker and it’s not too heavy in a pack. The shadow has a little too much to keep track of, and the Merritt doesn’t have quite everything you need( close but not completely) I took out the 15 in the Dk and used a longer 17mm so I could also include an 8mm hex socket. With the bottle opener option and the ability to beat the hell out of it, I would say it’s totally worth it!

    • JP Davies

      So a longer 17mm fits in there and provides more storage so you can add a 8mm hex socket?! Interesting! Never heard of that! Surprised it all fits inside there! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Wow this information was very helpful. I myself want to get a multi-tool because how the article says “nobody likes lugging around a heavy backpack full of tools.” Also by reading all the information i know that not all the multi-tools are the same. This will my life easier to be honest. Thanks JP.

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