Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.
Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

2015 will go down as one of the best years of modern BMX and just by all the videos dropped this year within the scene, its safe to say I’m right about that. One thing I know I wouldn’t be able to do on my own is come up with a compiled list of the Best BMX Videos of 2015. Thankfully… DIGBMX decided to take care of that, and by the looks of it… They did right. Listed below are the top 12 best BMX videos of 2015 as-well as an honorable mention list of videos who should also be recognized! Courtesy of DIGBMX

1. Garrett Reynolds – Red Bull

“We’d been hearing rumours previously of some of the stuff Garrett had filmed for his 2015 Red Bull video and with all the excitement it felt a bit like a few days before the Deadline video dropped. Needless to say when it actually hit the web everyone lost the plot and for good reason. Garrett shut down 2015 with this one!” – DIGBMX

2. Dakota Roche – Cult Nativeland 2

“He won this year’s NORA Cup Street Rider Of The Year and now he’s on both our Videos Of The Year and our Riders Of The Year lists! In typical Roche style this whole thing left us speechless and the last few clips… well. Dak and Veesh are one hell of a combo and this one from Cult is testament to that.”


3. Tyler Fernengel – Red Bull Abandoned Silverdome Stadium

“Tyler Fernengel grew up going to the Silverdome stadium in Michigan, and even raced Supercross there as a young boy, so when he was provided with a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride the place he took it with both hands, and the result is this video of epic proportions! Production, editing, filming and of course, riding were all so on point this couldn’t have not been high up on our list. That truckdriver…” – DIGBMX

4. Alex Kennedy – DIGBMX

“Obviously we’ve been massive fans of AK since day one and we couldn’t be happier with this long overdue follow-up to his first DIG video back in 2011. Alex Kennedy and Rich Forne worked themselves to the bone for this one clocking clips from multiple trips to Berlin, Tel Aviv and Barcelona, with hundreds of takes on some of the clips. With Rich’s incredible mixture of music production and off the beaten path editing combined with AK’s natural talent and style we thought it was nothing short of a damn masterpiece.” – DIGBMX

5. Alex Donnachie – BSD ALVX

“Released in conjunction with his signature BSD ‘ALVX’ frame you knew there was something special on the way, but this was way way more than we anticipated. Just over four minutes of some of the most ridiculously technical street riding you will see, all put together by the mind of Dave Sowerby. Another rider / filmer combo that doesn’t get much better!” – DIGBMX

6. Kriss Kyle – Red Bull Kaleidoscope

“With a budget of seven figures this Red Bull video was always going to create a huge amount of noise in BMX but I don’t think anyone say what was coming. Moving ramps, spinning full pipes, and all manner of dream-like setups filmed by some serious Hollywood heads. We were there on set every day and we can testify to how quickly Kriss had to get his head around the design – it’s Kriss though, of course he pulled it off! Incredible.” – DIGBMX

7. Animal House

“Well, The Animal House project certainly lived up to the hype! With over 17 minutes of NYC street at its finest thanks to the Animal Crew and filmer Navaz, we knew this was making our list straight away. Raw yet slick and the creme de la creme of east coast street. We were also so psyched on seeing more savagery from Colin Varanyak and Dan Lacey.”


8. Devon Smillie – Fly Bikes 2015

“It’s no secret that Devon Smillie has a super human amount of bike control but this edit for Fly Bikes this year really took the biscuit. Filmed throughout some amazing spots in Southern California, Devon put our brains through the ringer with all the good shit in this one. Seriously though, that ice hardway?!?!” – DIGBMX

9. Simone Barraco – Shadow “What Could Be Left?”

“While a lot of people were eagerly waiting in anticipation for Shadow’s ‘What Could Go Wrong’ DVD, they decided to release this Simone Barraco video for some extra hype – and man did this create just that! The fact that these were all leftover clips baffles our minds, I mean we knew Simone was good but all of this stuff is so creative that you can’t do anything but be amazed. A re-watcher for sure.”


10. Chad Kerley – The Cinema Video

“After years of anticipation we got to feast our eyes on seven minutes of top notch riding from one of the best in BMX. Not only did Chad kill it in this but we were treated to the cream of the crop guest clips from Corey Martinez, Dan Lacey, Dennis Enarson, Nathan Williams, and Dakota Roche.” – DIGBMX

11. Volume Bikes – Volume 1 BMX Video

“Volume Bikes wasted no time in following up ‘The Finer Things’ DVD with another incredible video project. With full sections from Josh Clemens, Billy Perry, and DeMarcus Paul. Josh Clemens first full section was sure to make waves, this kid has got style, tricks, and excellent taste. Billy Perry made the most of a visit to California/Oregon and opportunities to film near home in NYC coming away with his best collection of footage to date. You’d think there is no way DeMarcus Paul’s section could top all the amazing edits he’s already put out this year, but somehow it did just that. So so good!” – DIGBMX

12. Mike Gray – Demolition 2015

“To say Mike Gray put a stamp on 2015 would be an understatement, and then he dropped this bomb for Demolition! Mike relocated to San Diego a little while back and wasted no time in linking up with Doeby Huynh to produce one of the heaviest hitting sections of the year. Originality at warp speed!”


Honorable Mentions

Dennis Enarson – Haro SDV2

Pool’s Gold – Episode 1

Drew Bezanson Uncontainable

Eclat En Chile Video

DUB – ‘Graft’ Mixtape



Demolition – Rob Wise Rotator / Bulimia Wheel Promo

Éclat In Cyprus


Kilian Roth SoCal – Cult Crew

Volume – Broc Raiford 2015

Kriss Kyle In Cali – BSD

Mutiny Bikes – The Land of Enchantment

Fit – Morgan Long Hoodbird Frame Promo

WTP – Get In The Van Tour USA

Synthesis III – Mutiny

Christian Rigal – Demolition 2015

ENDER ENDER – Episode 6 – Sean Burns – Anthem II

Sean Sexton – Kink SXTN Promo

Jeff Wescott – Mutiny Comb Line Promo

BSD – Reed Stark’s California Safari

Vans – In New York and Berlin with Bruno Hoffmann








My name is JP Davies. 26 years old. From Miami, Florida. Riding freestyle BMX since 2006. Once I realized how passionate I was about BMX, I decided to start my own freestyle BMX inspired blog & apparel company, Kranclife.
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Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.
Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

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