If you’re someone who follows the freestyle BMX scene on an every day basis, chances are high that you’ve already watched this. If you haven’t you’re in for a treat. Devon Smillie has been progressing his game for the past several years and seems to be at the peak of his riding. This has lead him to be picked up by widely known BMX company Eclat & the sponsorship in my opinion is well deserved after you watch this pro-level riding from Smillie, which reflects in this video. Filmed by the talented Francis Castro, this video is an all around gem to watch! What a great way to start off 2016 with this BANGIN’ BMX video!

Also, heres what Eclat had to say,“It was only a week ago that we released the news of Devon joining the official PRO team and it didn’t take him too long to wrap this welcome edit up with Francis Castro. As you can image it’s everything you probably wanted and more. We are beyond excited to have Devon part of our already amazing team and even more for what’s to come. Devon will be hitting the road with the crew next month and we cannot wait to let you all know about the projects we have in store this year. Sit back and watch Devon light it up in his first Welcome to Éclat video. #EclatBMX “

Ever since I picked up a bicycle, I knew that I wanted to be involved with the bicycle scene for the rest of my life. I love all types of bikes but my heart lays with BMX. I decided to pursue my passion and be more involved so I created a freestyle BMX blog named
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