This video is a great reflection of what hard core street riders are all about. Just because you bust your ass trying to nail a trick, doesn’t mean you pussy out. When you decided to commit to riding freestyle BMX, you knew what you were getting into. This sport/lifestyle isn’t for the weak. You have to have guts, courage, and determination. Dylan McCauley is a perfect example of what exactly I’m talking about. He didn’t just quit when he busted his ass in that first clip trying to double peg the handrail. He wasn’t going to let that rail defeat him & he got it done. Madera knew what they were doing when they decided to sponsor him, and props to both of them on linking up. Congrats on the new sponsor Dylan, you outdid yourself in this one homie. I can watch BMX videos like this all day, everyday and never get tired of it. Pursue what makes you happy & make it your passion. Ride or Die fellas.

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Ever since I picked up a bicycle, I knew that I wanted to be involved with the bicycle scene for the rest of my life. I love all types of bikes but my heart lays with BMX. I decided to pursue my passion and be more involved so I created a freestyle BMX blog named Kranclife.com
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