Edit – Chase Hawk Etnies Jameson Bloodline Promo

Anytime you Chase Hawk drop a new edit, you know its going to be a good watch. Especially when you know he’s shredding an empty pool. Here he puts in work promoting the Etnies Jameson Bloodline shoes. Scope him airing…

Edit – Jordan Stump’s WORD 5 Section

The WORD 5 video just recently premiered, and Mankind dropped Jordan Stump’s part. Nothing but street in this one homies. Nollie to rail¬†& gap to rail is too dope. Get on his level, or at-least get pumped & GO RIDE!…

Edit – Chad Kerley CEEK LIFE

Those deep in the game know that Chad Kerley is easily one of, if not, the most talented BMX rider on the planet. Every time this kid drops a new edit, you’d be foolish to not hit play. Just when…

Edit – George Dossantos 2015

Great edit of George Dossantos, the originator of the half-cab to rail. This edit might be short, but don’t let that stop you from clicking that PLAY button! G’Sh!t big dawg.

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Bike Check – Brandon Begin For FIT

Fit just posted Brandon Begin’s new bike check up on their site. He’s running a lot of new parts on his setup, and they seem to be holding up! Go check it out for yourself, Click HERE

Bike Check – Mike Bayzand For Colony

Colony makes great products, and Mike Bayzand does a great job riding for them. Colony just posted his bike check up on their website which you can see right HERE