Ever since I started riding, Odyssey was one of the well know respected BMX brands in the industry. With this year marking their 30th Anniversary, Odyssey decided to make this video for the scene to enjoy. Props to Odyssey for…

Sparky’s Warehouse Jam 2015

Here’s some great footage from some of your favorite riders. Everyone in this clip has their own unique style. Click play and be amazed.  

Niki Croft 2015 video

Some of the hardest falls I’ve seen came from this video filmed for 20twentystore. This edit has very dialed stunts preformed by Niki Croft. So press play and enjoy!

Eclat Fireball tire to be revised for 2016

Eclat BMX’s Fireball tire is going to be revamped this winter. The tire now comes in black, dark gum, and purple in either 2.30 or 2.40″. The tread is minimized helping with hangup on grinds. Who wouldn’t want a newer model…

Shadow Conspiracy’s new Penumbra seat

Seth Kimbrough’s newest Shadow Conspiracy Penumbra seat features a new shadow print and is now available for mail order and in most local shops. So if you’re in need of a seat or simply want a new one check it…