These 17 minutes of Stevie Churchill’s riding is PURE GOLD.

When Stevie first showed up & started being recognized in the scene… It was evident that this kid was truly talented on a BMX bike. As time went on… his riding progressed to the point he’s easily considered one of the best in the game right now (And possibly to ever live, but I’ll wait a couple more years to make that claim). His progression seems to never peak off as he continues to get better showing the world what the epitome of BMX street riding is all about. These 17 minutes of raw footage with nothing but his riding is PURE GOLD. Filmed by the one and only John Hicks… This really couldn’t be any better. I feel like this video is much better without the typical “edit” song and gives you that pure street vibe. Not many of us riders can say we’ve ridden with Stevie, and many of us probably wont ever will… But this video gives you the essence of what you could expect if it ever did happen. Shoutout to Stevie & John Hicks. Two great names in the game! This one is TRULY appreciated!


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Ever since I picked up a bicycle, I knew that I wanted to be involved with the bicycle scene for the rest of my life. I love all types of bikes but my heart lays with BMX. I decided to pursue my passion and be more involved so I created a freestyle BMX blog named
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