It’s now been over 8 years since I was first introduced into freestyle BMX, and I still remember long ago when I looked up to TY Morrow because of his riding. In my opinion, he was (and still is) one of the top dog’s when it comes to riding street. When Ty’s great street riding manifests itself, the FIEND squad makes sure to have that thumb on that red button to never miss a frame, and always making sure to compose a top-caliber BMX video.Fiendbmx-TyMorrow-BMXVideo-NoBicycles

Apparently I’m not the only one who knows whats up when it comes to Ty’s BMX videos! Its only been up just over a week & already over 86k views & climbing!

All that hard work finally payed off last week when FIEND decided to drop Ty’s “No Bicycle” BMX Video Part to the masses. I knew I could expect greatness, after watching this, its seems to me as if Ty’s on a never-ending mission to progress not only himself, but freestyle BMX scene as a whole. Recognize true talent fellas. Since watching him when he first appeared on the BMX spotlight, nothing has changed for this dude. He stays climbing levels only he will ever know about. See for yourself & watch his BMX video part below.

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Ever since I picked up a bicycle, I knew that I wanted to be involved with the bicycle scene for the rest of my life. I love all types of bikes but my heart lays with BMX. I decided to pursue my passion and be more involved so I created a freestyle BMX blog named Kranclife.com
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