Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.
Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

Lots of mixed feelings being felt within the BMX world recently regarding Harry Mains BMX sponsorship moves. This is what Harry Main said on his Instagram which pretty much rattled the scene..


Just my thoughts on Harry Main and the destruction of BMX. Not going to happen. BMX won’t go away unless you and me let it. It has been, and will continue to, have ups and downs. To go through phases and trends (Mags anyone?). To grow and evolve.
Let him try his thing. Ultimately the market will decide. If he can make a low cost but quality bike then that’s great! Personally I don’t agree with his ideas and where he’s coming from. I’m not a business-minded person so maybe I’m missing something but I think anything that tries to cut out anyone who supports BMX in any way is a bad thing. If he can come up with a more affordable product then take it to the retailers and work with them to keep the end user’s cost down. Get younger kids on bikes. Make the scene accessible to them and they will make their own choices as to what they will buy. If you love your bike get out there and ride. Go to a contest or jam. Put one on. Reach out, communicate. Take a road trip whether it be to a spot in a town an hour away or an overnight trip. Buy local when you can. Make stickers, zines or whatever. Just get out there and show support and we won’t have to worry about anyone destroying BMX! I live in a major city with no BMX shop. Not one. In fact most of the shops for other types of bikes carry absolutely nothing for a 20″ bike. Nothing! Not even tubes! But you know what? We still have a scene. Tons of guys of all ages who ride cause it’s in their blood. BMX isn’t going away. Get outside and go have fun with it!

Here are some opinions that were being shot around the net. Lots of steam!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.57.31 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.57.20 PM
I’ve said my piece now I’m going to go out and do my part. I’m going to go ride.

Read the links below and form your own thoughts.  Post them, I’d love to hear them!




My name is JP Davies. 26 years old. From Miami, Florida. Riding freestyle BMX since 2006. Once I realized how passionate I was about BMX, I decided to start my own freestyle BMX inspired blog & apparel company, Kranclife.
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Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.
Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

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